Doris Day a Month Workshop Launch.

I am so excited to be able to bring a new sampler quilt to those who would like to develop their skills on an improvers course. This quilt, named ‘Doris’ after my grandmother, uses many different techniques from traditional ones to newer developments. I can’t wait to get started.

Doris Day a Month Sampler Workshop

The Doris Sampler Improvers Course is conducted over eight days held monthly. Each day will look at two different techniques working on two blocks a day, except for the large central Mariners Compass which will have a day to itself. You will be required to complete any unfinished blocks at home between the days.

We begin on day one with a recap on American style block piecing, both hand and machine options can be covered but I like to ensure everyone starts at the same level, knowing some of the hints and tips I normally include in my beginners classes. The first block, the Variable Star, uses both Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese and we look at how tonal and colour placement changes the look of the block. The second block, the Snail’s Trail, introduces working with triangles. Every session will included some ideas on how to use these blocks individually in a quilt design.

Day two we will look at the dreaded Y seam in the Le Moyne Star block and then move onto piecing curves with the Drunkards Path. Both are simple once you know how.

English Paper Piecing is a very traditional technique but I wanted to show that you don’t need to just use this for hexagons. The Dutch Rose is perfect using lots of different shapes. We then move onto the first of our appliqués – Hawaiian. I just love the simplicity of these designs which originate in the South Pacific and use needle turned appliqué.

Bonded appliqué comes next with some lovely Tyrolean Hearts, these are so cute, before moving onto Stained Glass Rose block. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement this technique uses bias strips to act as the lead in the window.

Day five we move onto our Foundation Paper Piecing, firstly with a Pineapple block. This we do on a single foundation but the Interwoven Star, which comes next, uses several sections which you learn to piece together. 

The Mariner’s Compass takes a whole day to itself. It is a striking centrepiece for which we will use Paperless Foundation Paper Piecing. A newer technique which is ideal for this as we use less paper, better for the environment and a little more practical too! We can also use this day to catch up and check that everyone is on course.

In the last of our block days, day seven, we use up our scraps in the Clam Shell block and finally our Improv block. This is a day to play and now worry so much about precise cutting but stitch those scraps to make a wonderful block using various techniques such as Stich and Flip. 

Finally we come to our last day in which we look at the border using strip piecing in the Seminole style. This was a form of patchwork devised by the Seminole indigenous peoples of the Florida region and uses strips of fabric to make row type patterns.

There will be an option to add an additional day for those who aren’t so confident in layering and quilting, should you need it. We have a wonderful location to work in at The Rolls of Monmouth and have a full Covid safe plan of action (and risk assessment) in place. Any questions or to book visit my Workshops page or email me at

Hope to see you soon. Helen

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