Meet Pearl the Singer

I’ve recently bought two lovely old Singers at auction and the first, dated 1939, was in a sorry state. She has become my first attempt at a mini restoration.

1939 Singer – poor condition

Tackling a revamp of an old sewing machine has always been on the cards but I’ve not actually attempted it before. I did a bit of online research and then took the plunge. These machines are well engineered, which is why they lasted so long, so there isn’t too much to go wrong other than not putting it back together correctly.

I confess to having a piece left over at the end and having to reassemble her again but it was easier than I thought. The hardest part were the small springs in the bobbin winder unit. These are sprung so the bobbin engages with the drive wheel at the back. The only thing missing is the small rubber disc which would connect with the drive wheel and turn the bobbin winder when the handle is turned. I’ll be on the look out for some kind of replacement.

Elbow grease, along with some sewing machine oil, and she is so shiny now.

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