Lazy Log Cabin with Chic Escape

This range has to be one of my favourite in recent months. Brought to us from Tilda it pairs classical flowers with peacocks with a beautiful palette of rich colours. Pinks, mustards, greens and blues.  When I was sent a strip roll of this gorgeousness I knew that I wanted a quick lap quilt to snuggle up with through the Autumn.

Lazy Log Cabins are a great way to use a strip roll for a quick quilt and if you don’t have a strip roll you can cut fabrics into 2 1/2” strips. I used some of the coordinating plain in lilac for the centre of the blocks and as the cornerstones of the sashing. Lazy Logs is a technique which falls into the area of improv – no measuring, just sew and trim. I did plan a little – dividing the fabrics into colours, putting all the pinks, greens, blues, yellows and greys together. I then ensured that each side of the blocks were worked from the same colour group. 

The roll gives enough for ten 14 1/2” blocks, nine were used for the front and I used the last one on the back, along with the leftover scraps to bulk out the back as I didn’t have quite enough of the lilac. This does add interest to a plain backing and ensures there was no waste at all as every piece was used. The roll also gave enough for the binding which I pieced from the left over pieces that were longer.  

Lazy Log Cabin Quilt. 51″ Square – An ideal lap quilt size.

Now here is where I confess I haven’t finished it yet as I am waiting for delivery of my new long arm but I have it ready to practice on as soon as it arrives.

Here’s how to make your own. 

You will need one Tilda Chic Escape or similar strip (Jelly) roll.

2m of backing/cornerstones fabric.

60” square of wadding.

Divide your fabrics into the colour groupings.  Pinks, blues, greens, greys and yellows.

Set aside 6 strips for the sashing. Sub cut each of these into three, 2 1/2″ by 14 1/2” rectangles. I chose the pale background strips for my sashing.

From plain cut 26, 2 1/2” squares. 10 for your central squares of the block, 16 for the cornerstones of the sashing. 

To make the Lazy Logs take a 2 1/2” plain fabric square and place it right sides together with the first strip at one end. Join with a scant 1/4” seam. Repeat with the remaining 9 squares.  I joined two at a time to the same strip but you could mix and match them.

Cut the strip level with the squares.  Press the seam to the ‘dark side’. Take another strip and place right sides together and repeat. Continue joining strips working your way around the block.  I continued to add twelve strips which gives a 14 1/2” block, rotating around the central square. 

A slightly different take would be to make Courthouse Steps by adding to the opposite sides of the square. 

Take the sashing strips and join the Cornerstones to make four sashing rows, alternating square with rectangles.

Adding Cornerstones to Sashing rectangles.

Join the remaining sashing strips to either side of the blocks to make three block rows.

Join the rows together with the sashing rows.

The backing was pieced using the left over block and strips.

Join the longer strips to make enough binding.  You will need a length of 210” for continuous binding.

Layer and quilt as desired. 

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  1. hi Helen.I’ve been meaning to get in touch but something keeps cropping up on Wednesdays. However I am free next Wednesday, the19th and wonder if I could come for a sit and sew then. I would like to do a couple of sessions before the sewical weekend.Best wishes Sue McAtee


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